Jul. 10th, 2012

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Like all Homestuck characters, Vriska has an o8noxious way of communic8ing on the network, specifically in that she replaces bs, -ate/-eight sounds, and sometimes various vowels depending on how worked up about something she is with 8s. As canon puts it, her st8ments tend to 8e just a little 8it overdramaaaaaaaatic.

Understandably, some people have trouble reading the font or simply don't want to, so you have a number of options! I can:

o1. Keep the color and the quirk, no OOC translation.
o2. Keep the color, but ditch the quirk.
o3. Keep the quirk, but ditch the color.
o4. Keep the color and the quirk with an OOC translation at the bottom.
o5. Ditch both, typing normally, while pretending the quirk is there.
o6. Any other option you'd prefer!

If you'd like to specify a certain way of handling it, please comment here with a list of your characters, and I will reply to you accordingly. I will always provide a translation on her posts to the network, and after that, I will answer the comment threads with whatever the muns engaging prefer.

Tides of War specific permissions. )
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This is my first time playing Vriska in a game setting, so if you have any compliments, suggestions, or critiques on how I play her, this is the place for that!

IP logging is off.
Anonymous commenting is on.
Comment screening is off. If you want your comments screened for some reason, tell me and I will do so.


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